The Radio Factory

Professional podcast (and radio) editing and consulting that builds your voice and brand, and meets your needs.

Stand out for the right reasons

Your audio should be crisp and clean.  It should be good enough for radio.  One of our edited shows is a weekly syndicated broadcast radio program, delivered to radio markets that include Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Redmond.  

The Radio Factory Team is built up of professionals that understand sound, deadlines, production, and believe in delivering the best of each of these for all of our clients.



Delivering your message

Your mission is to deliver a message.  You know your audience, your product, and your goals.  The last thing you need is to learn an expensive audio editing software like Adobe Audition, tackle the complexities of an RSS feed, or build your first website.  Your time should be focused on delivering your message.

Our mission is to free you from the mundane, the technical, and the details of post-production, distributing your podcast, and presenting it for your listeners.  We know all of the technology, because we’ve been working with it for years.  Our time is focused on using tech to refine your production.

Podcast Startup and Launch

There are so many pieces to assembling a prodcast or a broadcast, that you have to plan your launch carefully.  This includes determining all of the parts, the roles, the benefits, and preparing for the “gotchas”.  Our professionals have full broadcast and podcast experience, and we will walk you through each element to make your sound worthy of a radio broadcast.   

Podcast Editing

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Podcast Production

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Rest assured, we got this!

We’ve been at this for years.  Our founders have passion for audio production in their blood, and want to make your efforts sound the best they can.  From marketing your business, to developing a modern radio drama, the team is ready to help you make you sound absolutely awesome!

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