About Us

Who we are

Benjamin - Founder - Radio Broadcaster and Podcaster

Benjamin went to college for Radio and TV Broadcasting, but then was distracted by computers and technology.  In 2007, he became a frequent guest on a popular radio program, and soon received an offer to start his own radio program. 11 years later, he’s still editing and broadcasting his own program and others.

Benjamin’s passion is for the technical, for creating better podcasters and improving their message, 

Keith - Co-Founder - Podcaster and Radio Broadcaster

Keith had a passion for radio from a young age, calling Don Imus when he was a pre-teen.  From there, he became a radio disc jockey, developed multiple podcasts, and honed his craft.  In 2015, he joined Benjamin on his radio show, and they started new podcasts together, celebrating common passions.

Keith’s drive is for interesting material, and passion for better presentation and delivery.

What we do

Stop for a moment, and think of a factory, and all of the workers.  We like to think of the different people at the office, from Project Managers and Engineers, to Workers and Shipping, and all that they do.  We have professional teams that will help with each of the needs below, and more.

Podcast Development and Launch

You want to reach your audience, but there are so many elements in order to get this done properly.  There’s audio formats, hardware, software, editing techniques, and more.  This gets in the way of the dream, but we can conquer that.

The Radio Factory Project Managers make it easy for you to focus on your message, instead of the details.  Instead of figuring it out yourself, we know all of the elements to getting you started.  We sit with you, as members of your team, understanding, then developing your idea for success.  There’s many different approaches, and we find what works for you, staying with you the whole way, working as project managers who have a stake in your success.   

Podcast Editing

Just a microphone and a recorder isn’t enough.  Adjustments can be made to EQ for improving voice quality, audio sweetening to make speakers sound more clear, and volume leveling to proper levels.  Removing HVAC sounds, or other background noise, will increase quality.  Adding music intro’s and outro’s, and a voiceover introduction, can make the difference between a recording, and a professional podcast.

Advanced polishing and editing is also available as options.  Some stutter represents authenticity, but sometimes one wants the trimming of the “umm” and “ahh”, the “ya know” and “like”, to add professionalism.  Audio repair for poor microphone usage, equipment malfunctions, or bad recording situations can make the difference when needed the most.

The Radio Factory Workers have experience ranging from broadcast, mixing and recording live bands, razor edits, sound tuning, and more.

Podcast Distribution

You know that there’s Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, and so many other distribution points to spread the word about your podcast.

The Radio Factory Shipping Department knows how to reach each of the different podcast feeds, and get your show on the road.

Podcast Consulting

You know your message, but you don’t know which microphones and other hardware to get.  You can deliver content, but  you don’t know if you should use a specific format, or certain music.

The Radio Factory Engineering Team knows what makes a podcast incredible and amazing, and can help you with every stop along the way.  

Podcast Production

You’re uncomfortable with your voice or delivery, but you have a message to send to your clients or internal employees. You may have a need, but you know that you don’t really need to bring it in house.  Rather than tasking someone internally, you might want to outsource it all.  

A Podcast Factory Spokesperson can produce and deliver the entire message, and represent your company with a professional sound of excitement and passion that will keep your listeners engaged.  

Why we do this

Our passion for podcasting, for broadcasting, for reaching people around the world with messages they need to hear, is what drives us.  We have the knowledge and expertise from years of experience in both the broadcast and podcast world.  The team speaks from experience when they suggest each option or approach provided to you.

We work to improve you just as much as we seek to improve ourselves.  This means that we seek new ways of producing higher quality audio, refining your sound, your message, and improving our value to you.

Get Started Today

Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can start today.  Even if you just want to talk and get an idea of what we can offer you, this is the best route to go.