Being a broadcaster on The Radio Factory
We're looking for talent, people who are interesting and exciting, people who have something to offer the world and to teach the people. The Radio Factory is all about making people smarter. We are here to increase your intelligence, one talk show at a time. Yes, we could start debates or rile people up or spawn pointless conspiracy theories, but that's available everywhere. We want people who stand apart, and seek to entertain and educate.

The Radio Factory grants you an educated and intellectual audience looking to gain something from their listening. These are not people looking to simply kill the time or put something on as "background noise", but as a teaching device which they can learn from. It provides you the perfect outlet for your ideas and worth, where you can teach and help people.

Now, we are not simply looking for your average podcaster. There are thousands and thousands of podcasters, and hundreds of good ones at the very least. But a podcast is not quite a radio show. Podcasts and five minute snippets and moments in the lime-light are not what The Radio Factory is interested in. We are interested in people with a shining personality, friendly demeanor, and something to offer to our listeners.

Our 5 year plan is all about developing a station filled with the finest personalities and shows in the world of broadcasting, the cream of the crop with the force to change the world for good, and help people as they try to hang on in a busy world which pushes and races its hardest to leave people in the dust.

We are being selective, but at the same time, our initial start-up plan leaves nothing for the broadcaster to be concerned about. We are friendly people just like you, and we want to help you get your show going, so that you can help us, we can help you, and together we can help our listeners.

If you think you have the talent and ability  to become one of our elite team, drop the Program Director a line... 
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