The Radio Factory is here as your helping hand.
Radio Factory Broadcasters are normal people from across the nation, going through the same things you are. They understand you. These are not rich people just looking for money. These are people just like you, who have found their way to help people, and that's what they have decided to do. They are not about spreading propoganda or fueling raging debates between people, but to be your helping hand.
Every show on The Radio Factory has something to offer you.
Everything on broadcast from The Factory is here for a reason, and that is to increase your intelligence. Some are to get you thinking about today's society, some are here for advice, and some are simply for mental stimulation. Take our radioplays, for example. Our old style Nighttime Radio Theatre, filled with science fiction and mystery radioplays, is assembled to get you thinking. Like reading a book, these radioplays bring you a tale to envision and unravel over time, and enjoy it at the same time.
Many of our shows are advice shows to teach you something.
Ranging from computing shows to gardening shows, we have advice on hobbies of every type, with friendly and helpful hosts who are here just for you. Their shows and blogs are here to guide you through the modern busy world, and all of the things and options within it. With so many products and companies, it can be hard to know who to trust and what to buy. But our hosts are here to help you though this problem, and they will not quit till the job is done.
Other shows are here to start you thinking.
Many stations have political shows, and many of these political shows are mean to do little more than rile you up with ideas and keep you listening. Our broadcasters, however, take another approach. We bring you politics and societal issues based not on political party or leanings, but on common sense. We seek to spur your thinking and consideration of the vast arena of issues which face our nation today.
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