We are real people,
Just like you. We are your friends, your family, your neighbors, and we're here to talk with you about the things you want to hear about.
Reasons to stay connected with and to listen to our broadcasters
Keeping in touch gives you  a link to information and knowledge.
We are real people, here for you.
We're friendly, too!
Contacting us gives you real power.
The Radio Factory is about YOU.
We're here for you.
We're here when you need help, advice, knowledge, or just sheer entertainment. We don't do this for ourselves. We do this for you, our listeners, and are happy to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, or even just to talk with you.

We consider ourselves to be the helping hand that you are always looking for!
We are looking for exceptional talent in broadcasting.
We guarantee our shows to be safe and friendly, as well as fun and informative. We seek to find "the best of the best of the best, sir," who can entertain you and inform you about the things you care about and you need to know about.
Other Media
Many of our show hosts have blogs which they host as well as their shows, where you can get more information about them and the things they talk about.  Links to their websites are next to references about their show.
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