Podcast Launch

Strategy and planning

Creating a podcast professionally

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

There are so many pieces to assembling a prodcast or a broadcast, that you have to plan your launch carefully.  This includes determining all of the parts, the roles, the benefits, and preparing for the “gotchas”.

The Radio Factory team includes professionals with broadcast experience, and we will walk you through each element to make your sound worthy of a radio broadcast.  This includes how to present an interview, how to do a call-to-action, and how to continually be interesting to your listeners.  

Each of the steps for creation are located to the right… and we stand with you at every step along the path, to help ensure your best chance at success. 

Space Launch Analogy

To help you prepare, we can relate this to any kind of a launch.  A Podcast Launch is no different than a Product Launch, a Space Vehicle Launch, or a Movie Launch.  Each step is important, and we will walk you through each step along the way.  

Construction Confab

Both teams get together to discuss the entire show, from constructed to final creation.  Our team learns about you, your brand, your message, and your goals.  Your team learns the basic starting path, our strengths, and how we serve your goals.

Design Elements

Many artistic elements go into place to frame your message professionally.  This includes music beds, a podcast cover image, voiceovers, ad reads, sound effects, and more.  Much of this is started here in this phase.

Preliminary Launch Activities

You’ll want to create your first bundle of episodes to start your listeners off right.  This is a chance to warm-up, but also to develop how you’ll create the message each week.  You get to practice, and if good enough, use some or all material for the actual launch.

Website Creation and Media Distribution

Our tech team prepares your website, or the area on your website that handles your podcast.  This includes media hosting, RSS feeds, setting you up for the major podcast feeds at Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

Launch Pre-flight Check

During this call, we will work with you to check the last details before launch.  What was completed, what needs improvement, and last minute checks before liftoff.

Post Launch Trajectory Path

Planning the next steps are just as important.  You have goals to meet, and will develop new goals along the way.  Our interest is not just to help you to orbit, but to ensure that your mission continues with success.

Money and Metric Matters

No matter what you think, money will be an issue.  That means that we will work to track your successes (to build more) and failures (to resolve them quickly).  We can translate this information into clear data for your continued success.

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