Keeping in touch with our shows gives you connections with experts in the field and a link to information and knowledge.
All of our Factory Broadcasters are easily reached and willing to talk to you, on and off the air, to teach you and help you in their areas of expertise. Reach them at our website or theirs, or at their phone numbers, or even their blogs or networking pages for those hosts who have them. This taps you into a valuable resource where you can learn and "increase your intelligence, one talk show at a time".
We are real people, here for you.
Radio Factory Broadcasters are normal people from across the nation, going through the same things you are. They understand you. These are not rich people just looking for money. These are people just like you, who have found their way to help people, and that's what they have decided to do. They are not about spreading propoganda or fueling raging debates between people, but to help you and increase your intelligence.
We're friendly, too!.
All of our Factoy Broadcasters are chosen because The Radio Factory likes them. They are chosen not only because they are good radio personalities, but because they are good, friendly, nice people who WE would like to deal with and get help from, too. The Radio Factory's primary purpose is to reach out and help people, and so we choose people who fit that purpose well. People who are entertaining, intelligent, helpful, and friendly.
Contacting us gives you real power.
The Radio Factory is here for our listeners, to help them and aide them. In order for us to do that to the best of our ability, we need your assistance and input. We need comments and suggestions from you which tell us where we need to improve, where we're doing great, things you would like to see made available. We can only hear these things if you will tell us, so keep in touch, so that we can be our best, and we can help you to the best of our ability. Help us help you.

The Radio Factory is about you.
Quite simply, we are here for you and because of you. Our broadcasters are people like you, our management officers are people like you, and our support comes from people like you. You are what makes this possible, and you are the people we aim to help.
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